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Service 1


Professional CAD Users giving expert advise. Let us help plan your software purchases and tailer a solution to suit your requirements and budget. We can arrange other Microsoft and Adobe products if they are required to get a total package solution for you.

If all else fails we can point you to many third party suppliers that can get nearly any project done. It's only a matter of asking the experts who have done it before.

Service 2


Software is only half the answer. Let us advise on the hardware requirements to match your software application.

From individual Users with a simple backup drive through to design teams running off network services with a redundant raid backup stategy. We can arrange and source the services required. Full server and network design for the whole organisation.

Don't forget to plan and budget for printing services or in-house large format printer.

Service 3


Thankfully today Autodesk Users have a wealth of free resources at their disposal. Mandatory 'subscription services' included with your Autodesk software package gives you links to numerous online help and customisation services. With millions of Users world wide it is often just finding the people that have already done what you're setting out to do.