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Professional solutions for all CAD Users. No it's not just me! I have a broad network of suppliers and friends that can do most things CAD or COMPUTERS!



Jacko's CAD has been using and selling AutoCAD and Autodesk products for over 25 years. I have used it through it's development. I still use it for modelling and shop detailing. I know the underlying AutoCAD engine and know how Autodesk have tailored it to suit individual disciplines and fields.

If you need 3D walls, windows and doors (Architecture); HVAC tools and objects (MEP); Point clouds and geospacial data (Map 3D); Road and fill tools (Civil 3D); Component and Wire tagging (Electrical).

I am an experienced CAD user, not a salesmen that has done a few marketing and sales courses on CAD. If your office needs LT then that's what I'll suggest. If you need 3D modelling with visualization or simulation then I'll pick the right suite for your needs. If you need advanced analysis and parametric modelling I will steer you to the vertical Revit and Inventor suites.

I am no longer affiliated with Autodesk, and can now suggest alternate, compatable, cost effective CAD solutions such as Corel CAD. So do yourself a favour and get Jacko's CAD involved with finding the correct CAD package solution to suit your current needs.

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I can also provide you with the best total package for your business. This includes the best suited CAD software with relevant matched hardware. Don't shackle state of the art software with under powered old hardware. It's a false economy if you want to get the best productivity.

It's a fact that 2 screens are more productive than one, but try using 3! Are 2x19" (4:3) monitors as useful as 2x24' (16:9) screens. Many Users legitimately need AutoCAD, MS Office (Word/Excel), Outlook (mail) and Facebook/MSN/Skype all active at once. That screen real estate soon gets gobbled up doesn't it!

Don't ever forget the most important consideration is output. A detailer is only as good as the drawing he produces, and there's nothing worse than a poor set of printed drawings. Often large format printers are a big expenditure, however, what you produce is a reflection of your company. Why bother with a fast CAD system if you are prepared for your staff to sit around all day to print out a set of drawings. I know from shop detailing that my drawing sets range from 30 to 250 drawings. Fortunately we can get away with PDF for some clients, however, we will always have a complete 'check set' and 'for construction set'. So we know some people have real printing needs, and others may benefit by simply going to a print bureau once a week.