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Jacko's CAD for the Australian CAD User. Having used AutoCAD on a daily basis since 1983 (v1.4f), and being a reseller for over 15 years, I'm sure I can offer some real world CAD experience. Myself and my network of friends and suppliers can source and offer you a solution to nearly any computer or CAD need you may have.

However, I must state that I am no longer affiliated with Autodesk. The current Autodesk business model does not allow individuals to sell their product. Simply put, vast User experience and brand loyalty does not make an Autodesk salesman! Thank you for visiting.

Rob Jackson = 'Jacko' and Computers And Drafting = 'CAD'

Jacko's CAD.

Computers are my main hobby and Drafting is my chosen occupation. Jacko's CAD is just my personal web site dedicated to the occupation that I have loved and endured since leaving school in 1976, and my hobby which takes up way too much of my life. I am still an active user being a CAD and IT Manager in the construction industry. I will offer you the solution you need:

• Do you need a full product or LT version?
• Vanilla 2D or full featured 3D modelling?
• A custom product that services your industry alone!
• Do you have budget restraints, yet need compatabiliy!

Feel free to browse the site and then contact me for the revelant CAD solution you require. Thank you.